Benefits for Association Staff

Today people have very busy lives so getting their involvement yet alone their attention regarding association happenings is not always easy.  However, with MemberLynk’s many innovative features, you will not only keep members more engaged, but your staff will love all its capabilities too.  Below is a list of its powerful features / benefits.


Member Engagement

With MemberLynk, members can stay involved even outside of events. They can easily connect with each other, communicate in different groups, share thought leadership articles, and advertise their businesses.  The opportunities can be endless!  Experience member growth and a return on investment too good to overlook.


Member Management

Now member information and the renewal process is easier than ever to manage thanks to MemberLynk.  It can act as a standalone package, managing every aspect of membership, or it can be used in conjunction with your existing member management software.


Event Management

MemberLynk is ideal for managing any type of event, no matter if it is a local gathering or a global conference.  You can include session details, hotel information, speaker bios and even provide links to local attractions.  Getting the word out about events has never been easier with its many ways to advertise and tell your members about them via email campaigns, app notifications, event reminders and text alerts.  These different notification options will make it much easier to inform members about early bird registration, hotel reservation deadlines, abstract submission closing dates, and much, much more!


Enhanced Member Communication

Looking for new and enhanced ways to communicate with your members?  With MemberLynk, you can join groups with them, and send broadcast messages, texts or emails easily.


Advanced Reporting

MemberLynk offers advanced reporting capabilities unlike any other mobile app for associations.  With MemberLynk, you can easily view member trends, including member retention rates, renewals, upcoming expirations and more.  Concerned about your revenue status?  We have you covered there too.  Easily receive revenue updates from membership or the myriad of possible advertising opportunities.  In addition, collect valuable data regarding the number of connections your members have, how many times items such as white papers, articles, etc. are visited and much more.  Share this data with prospective members to demonstrate the value your association offers.


Revenue Generation Opportunities

Your members as well as the association itself will experience revenue growth with ads, articles and other opportunities that help get the word out about a member’s area of expertise.  You can even offer an online bookstore to members!


Board/Committee Member Communication

MemberLynk can even keep your board or committee members better informed and more engaged too.  Communicate with them separately by using the app, text, email or online chat.

Member Engagement Member Retention Aditional Revenue Community Outreach