Benefits for Association Members


Company and Personal Profiles

Members are often identified by their companies.  MemberLynk not only includes a company’s profile, but connects it to your individual one.  You can include details such as your work experience, interests and photo.  You can even download your LinkedIn information so your profile is populated and up-to-date instantly.  Bond with other members across town or across the globe to generate new partnerships or business opportunities!


Event Insights

Don’t be disappointed next time you attend a conference.  With MemberLynk, you can know in advance many details about the event, such as the latest agenda, speaker information, hotel options, and even local places you may want to visit while in town.  This pre-event information can help ensure the best use of your valuable time while onsite.

Registration is also easy and can be done using either the mobile app or online portal.  Prior to the event, MemberLynk will send you notifications such as the deadline for early bird registration and hotel registration.  We want to ensure your next event experience is as effortless as possible.


Member Connections

Making meaningful connections with association members is easier than ever thanks to MemberLynk.  With just a little time and effort, members can keep in touch, share recent business happenings or upcoming projects, send connection requests as well as communicate other types of information, resulting in a more extensive and stronger network.


Variety of Communication Channels

Communicating with association staff, board members, committee members and of course, just other members in general is possible with just a few simple clicks on the app.  Information can be sent easily via app notifications, texts or emails.


Business Opportunities

A variety of business opportunities is available for association members in our Resources section.  You can post articles, white papers or even your most recently published book so that can make your company stand out as a thought leader in the industry, and possibly even earn some extra revenue for your company.  In addition, MemberLynk enables you to run online ads about your newest product or service.


Online Membership Renewal

With MemberLynk’s online membership renewal feature, you can easily renew your membership.  With just a few clicks you are good to go for another year!

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