A New Way to Overcome Association “Pain Points”

As association staff you not only contribute to the success of your overall mission, but also serve your members to help ensure they have a fulfilling experience. However, before this is accomplished often there are “pain points” that need to be overcome first. Below are three common ones we often hear about from association leaders:

Engaging Members
With so many distractions in today’s hectic world, associations often find it difficult to keep members engaged. Not only are engaged members more likely to renew their memberships, but also be a source of new members. They love to recruit others to join. However, it is often difficult to come by active, engaged and passionate members.

Generating Revenue
Without financial resources, it is impossible for associations to achieve their goals. However, associations nowadays must develop other resources beyond membership dues to grow their bottom line. These gaps are often filled by revenue from conferences, training, educational materials and other services.

Keeping the Public Informed
Associations have a lot to offer, and it is not just for members, but often for the broader public too. However, getting the word out about the development of industry standards, training and more is often not communicated effectively even though there are many channels to accomplish this.

Overcome These Pain Points with MemberLynk
These are just a few of the reasons why we developed MemberLynk, a mobile app built for associations. As current and past association members and leaders, our team realized there are many benefits associations can offer their members. And, with MemberLynk, the value of these benefits are enhanced as demonstrated below:

A critical component of being involved with an association is the networking opportunities, which may include events such as conferences, lunch and learns, and regional meetings. MemberLynk not only allows members to register and pay for these gatherings with their smart phones, but also enables them to make the most of every event by providing many other details in advance.

The connection feature is a 24/7 networking opportunity, offering the ability to connect with individuals as well as companies prior or after an event. Members can even communicate with other connections in a variety of ways. The networking does not have to stop just because an event is over. With this feature, members can be much more engaged.

Revenue Sources
Members as well as the association itself will experience revenue growth with ads and articles. You can even offer an online bookstore. Members can use their smartphones to shop online and have that special book waiting for them upon their return from your conference!

Open Communication Channels
MemberLynk will not only provide better communication among members and/or staff, but also certain features can be open to the broader public. With almost two-thirds of people in the US using smartphones nowadays, a mobile app is a must as a communication tool.

These are just a few of the many features / benefits MemberLynk offers. To experience all the advantages of MemberLynk firsthand, just click on the Request Demo button below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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